first and second quarter of 2019

– Re-Start of Schillingcoin. Switch from POW to POS
– Rebuild of the new Homepage
– Implementing the ZeroCoin-Protocol and QUARK-Algorithm
– Development of the Blockchain and Block Explorer
– Wallet for Linux and Windows
– Development of the SCH Masternode
– Wallet Update on Exchanges
– Manuell swap from SchillingCoin OES (old) to Schilling Coin SCH (new)
– Wallet Update on ATMs and Payment-Gateways
– Building the SCH-Community
– Building the SCH Merchant Network
– Listing on minimum 2 new Exchanges
– New Mobile Wallet for Android
– New Marketing Strategy and Execution
– monthly roundtable
– Building the SCH Community with Telegram

till end of 2019

– Building a Webportal or App where users can pay with SCH
– Listing on minimum 3 more exchanges
– Grow the Telegram Community to minimum 5000 Users
– new merchants
– min. 100 aktive masternodes

till end of 2020

– new website and wallets for iOS
– cooperations with other blockchain projects
– attending on Blockchain Summits and Events
– min. 200 aktive masternodes
– partner up with payment provider
– Development the portal where users can pay with SCH
– Acceptance on a big exchange
– SCH price over 300 sat
– 20.000 Users in the SCH Community

till end of 2021

– Building the Community to 50.000 Users
– 300 aktive Masternodes
– Acceptance on payment provider