Become a Schilling Coin SCH – retailer!                                                                                                        OCT 2018


The Schilling Coin is a digital currency that allows the Austrian schilling, which was replaced by the euro in 2002, to continue to live in digital form. Schilling Coin is a project of the Schilling Coin Community ( In keeping with Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, this is an open source project. All people, regardless of gender, background, political affiliation, or religion, can improve this project and support the Schilling Coin Community. Schilling Coin is 100% community driven.

The purpose of a coin, however, should be to use it as well. That’s why we’re building a dealer network that accepts the Schilling Coin as a means of payment. We want to show the meaningfulness and advantages of a cryptocurrency. There are already around 20 SCH dealers. As of September 2018.

What would be the general benefits of the Schilling Coin and Blockchain technology?

The Schilling Coin uses an energy-saving process that “proof of stake” in conjunction with Masternodes. Every user, in other words every wallet, is then part of this network.

Sending and receiving is as good as FREE and happens in minutes. It is (on request) completely anonymous and highly encrypted. Also the wallet (account) is completely FREE OF CHARGE. On the contrary, if the wallet is online, there are still FREE COINS from the blockchain!

What are your advantages as a dealer?

1.) You appear on our online map and should get new customers and consequently more sales.

2.) You support regional purchasing with our Schilling Coins.

3.) The collected coins can be exchanged at any time in Euro or Bitcoin. (see payment provider) Or you keep the coins or a part and get free coins by a so-called STAKING or by holding Masternodes. A price increase is of course likely.

4.) You can also offer promotions or special offers to all Schilling Coin holders. (This will be done via APP and Push message or on our website.)

5.) You do not need to give discounts or special allowances. Unless you want it.

Do I always have to accept the coin?

As a rule, yes, because we specify you as the acceptance point and our members rely on it. However, you can choose to accept the coin only partially.

Are there any disadvantages?

If you are connected to one of our payment providers, the coins will be sent instantly in Euros internally swapped, so there is no risk. However, if you keep the coin, there is always the possibility of a price shift in both directions.

Which investments are created and what can I get for them?

In principle, no, because you get credited for all fees, in return SCH!
“Registration Fee”: 199 € (but you get 200 € in Schilling Coins)
Annual: € 99 (also credited in Schilling Coins)

If you want to convert the coins into EURO immediately, there is a third party via a POS interface. With it you can comfortably get your coins (also BTC) in Euro at the moment course, change in the background. These credits will then be credited weekly to your account. Here then apply the respective fees of the current provider.

We offer you a starter package that includes the following services:

  1. Registration and FREE advertising on our homepage and trader map.

  2. POS payment system (from a third-party provider) Here you can then bill our SCH as well as other Cryptocoins. Each crypto payment is immediately in EURO, at the respective course exchanged and transferred to her account every 7 days.

  1. On-site training by supervisor and promotional material

Can I get out at any time?

The agreement runs in advance 3 years and is extended by 1 year. Termination possible annually.

How can I manage the coins?

If you prefer to collect the coins, then you have several wallets available.

See more at:

Schilling Coins can be exchanged for the EXCHANGES against BTC at any time.

Exchanges: or

Where can I find it?

On our homepage under Händlermap and APP of the third-party provider.

How can I inform myself and get more information?

Simply fill out the contact form () and we will contact you.