What is the Schilling Coin SCH?

The Schilling Coin SCH is an open-source project, which has made it its goal to bring back our old Schilling in the form of digital money or a so-called cryptocurrency. In this task, we are increasingly focusing on building dealers and B2B customers. Thereby we want to enable a fast expansion as well as acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

Can you mine Schilling Coins?

No, Schilling Coin is Proof of Stake (POS), which means it is generated by Masternodes or Coins that are on a wallet.

What are the differences between Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS)?

Digital currencies generated by POW require very expensive miners who consume enormous amounts of electricity. On the other hand, currencies that are generated by POS require only computer programs. They are therefore extremely environmentally friendly!

Proof of Stake does not require that cryptographic tasks be solved for block generation, but that portions of the currency be kept in an unlocked wallet. Your share of Schilling coins allows you, as the owner, to validate quasi transactions on the blockchain and thus contribute to the security and stability of the network.

How do I buy / sell Schilling Coins?

In order to buy or sell Schilling Coins, please look under the menu item “Dealers”, where there is a Schilling Coin-Partner nearby, which offers this service. At the moment we are still in discussion with some crypto exchanges, as soon as they have implemented the Schilling Coin, we will list here an exact list.

Is it possible to pay anonymously with Schilling Coin?

Yes, Schilling Coin is based on the latest blockchain technology. Thanks to the ZeroCoin protocol implemented, transactions can be carried out 100% anonymously (if desired).

What is a masternode?

A masternode is a program (Core Wallet), which is necessary for the upright operation of the entire infrastructure. Masternodes are usually installed on a virtual server (VPS), are constantly online and interconnected. They verify all transactions, update the blockchain, and provide the necessary network integrity.

What is a collateral wallet?

This is another address in the wallet where the coins are kept for the operation of a masternode.

Why can I earn money by running a masters school?

A POS Coin needs Masternodes as well as a POW Coin its Miner. As a thank you, every Masternode operator receives Schilling Coins at regular intervals. See our Masternode Reward table.

Can I redissolve a masternode?

Yes, as soon as you move the coins out of the Colleteral Wallet.

Why do the coins multiply on my wallet?

If coins stay on the wallet for more than 24 hours, they multiply fully automatically. This process is called staking (POS).

Why is that?

Because coins that are not sold immediately on the stock market help to stabilize or increase the value.