New Listing on top 20 Exchanges!

We are proudly to announce, that we are get listed soon on VINDAX Exchange. One of the fastest growing EXCHANGES! On the top 20 of Coinmarketcap. Over 500k Members and around 1,0 Billion Dollar daily volume. We are get listed in BTC/USDT. So fill up your bags with SCH because maybe we get rising up to the moon.-) 

Win Schillingcoin


Here a funny app, where u can win SCHILLINGCOIN!
You get daily up to maximum 4 free spins and can win up to 5000 SCH per day!

And there also a easy affiliate to 3 lines, where you can earn in realtime SCH fromt the winings of your downline.

Download for Android in 

GOOGLE Playstore

Next goal are a SCH-User Portal

Our next goal is to build a portal (similar to EBAY), where SCH fans can exchange their products, goods or services for schillingcoins!
But here we will try to get a fix course, regardless of the course at Cryptobridge. A fix course is planned, because in this portal it should only be stable
and secure means of exchange. And as long as he circulates in this portal, the conditions remain the same for everyone. Anyone who has ideas or wants to work here is, of course, welcome.