Schilling Coin SCH gave away more than 14 million SCH

Dear Schilling Coin – SCH Fans!

We would like to thank everyone who believes in our project and has picked up their free coins. Our team tried to credit our Schilling coins SCH to those who credibly proved that they (OES) are on their wallet. For each (OES) there was a SCH + 10% bonus.


Since we were spamed by several fake users / fake accounts (identity known), we decided to show you a small overview of the gifted SCH Coins.

Initially we planned a real swap that we wanted to do together with the stock market. This would have saved us a lot of work. Unfortunately, the former developer of SchillingCoin (OES) did not want to provide access data to us.


The stock exchange listing has already been initiated.


We hope you are satisfied and enjoy your Staking or Masternode earnings!

SchillingCoin speeds up

The positive start of SchillingCoin (SCH) is not so long ago, the community is growing and the number of dealers is increasing.

Now we would like to inform you that already more than 70 Masternodes have been put into operation.

The operator of a masternode receives so currently daily about 516 SCH credited on his wallet.

That’s around 15,500 in 30 days. Sound good – or not?