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In a few steps to digital money

The Schilling Coin is a revolutionary development of modern times. Its essential meaning is the digitization of money. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, which manages without a central authority or any intermediaries. To make a long story short, the Schilling Coin is the money of the future. The purpose of the whole is to provide all people with an independent currency, for various operations. In addition, Schilling Coin seeks to be the safest cryptocurrency at a low cost by rewarding all users who strengthen the network with free coins.

Download Wallet

Download the latest version of the Schilling Coin Wallet in our download area. These are available for Windows and Linux. Mac OS will follow soon.

Buy Schillingcoin

Once you've downloaded and installed the Wallet, you'll be able to send the purchased Schilling Coins to your wallet.

Receiving / sending

It's easy to send Schilling Coins. All you need is the public address of your recipient, the amount - and that's it. It can not be simpler!


For sure we use the latest security standards to ensure that your coins remain yours.


Our wallet has been developed with intuition and user experience in mind. So you do not have to search in order not to lose time.


The operation of a Schilling Coin Masternode supports the network and rewards you with 80% of the generated Schilling Coins. These are distributed by percentage to all Masternodes operators. Masternode - the ideal solution for investors.

Proof of Stake

If you leave your Schilling Coins on the wallet, you will be rewarded by the network. This process is called Proof of Stake (POS). 20% of the generated Schilling Coins are distributed in percent to all active wallets.


If you need help with using the Schilling Coins, our community will help.


Latest news about the Schilling Coin.

Stimmen Sie ab für den Schillingcoin!

Liebe Schillingcoin Nutzer,
Wir haben die Möglichkeit auf mehreren Exchangen gelistet zu werden. Sie können schnell und einfach für den Schillingcoin stimmen.

Jeder kann sich kostenlos anmelden und Voten!

ExchangenCoinmarketcapMinimum Votes
MercatoxInfos5000 POINTS
C-PatexInfos395 PATS
SouthexchangeInfos250.000 SXCC
GraviexInfos70.000 GIO
Aktuelle Schillingcoin Voting

Wir werden euch auf dem laufendem halten. Besuchen Sie uns in der Telegramgruppe.

Zcore partnership now available…

Now you can create your Masternodes on Zcore mobile app or desktop.  Also for Apple user!  www.zcore.network or go to playstore.


Über VINDAX EXCHANGE. Bitte nehmen Sie Ihren SCH von dieser Börse, denn wir sind aufgrund des geringen Volumens ausgelistet worden.:ärgerlich::ärgerlich: Nice Exchange, wir haben über 0,5 BTC bezahlt und die haben uns jedes Mal dazu gedrängt, ihren Bot zu kaufen, und jetzt haben sie uns aus der Liste gestrichen. Vielen Dank an Vindax für den Betrug.

Mandatory Update – SCH v2.0

Ein wichtiges Update wird bei Blockhöhe 1.040.000 (!!!) durchgeführt. Das Update wird über einen Hardfork durchgeführt. Schillingcoin v2.0.0 ist ein Mandatory Update und jeder User muss sein Wallet auf die neue Version updaten.

Das Update auf das neue Wallet muss vor Block 1.040.000 (!!!) passieren.

hier der Link zu den neuen Wallets:


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